Where Grammar Software Fails?

How Dependable Is Grammar Software

Having good grammar skills may not top the list of superpowers most people would like to have but it is still important. From students with academic papers to submit to jobseekers submitting resumes, demonstrating good grammar is required to get the desired results. Many of those with less than perfect skills turn to grammar checking software to avoid submitting documents loaded with mistakes.

Software for checking grammar has improved tremendously in the past few years. With the improvements that have been made just how much can you depend on a software program to submit an error free paper?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Grammar Correction Software

There are some definite benefits that come with using software for checking grammar. Here are the main advantages of using a good grammar check program:

  • grammar checking softwareGrammar programs are fast: This has always been one of the major advantages of using a software program versus checking for grammar mistakes yourself. Software programs are almost always much faster in checking a document.
  • Software doesn’t get tired: How many words or pages can you proofread before you are no longer effective as a proofreader? There is a limited amount of time anybody can maintain the concentration that good proofreading requires. This isn’t a problem for software programs.
  • Better performance: With the improvements that have been made in many grammar checking programs, they are actually better at catching errors than many of the humans that use them. This isn’t always the case but there are more than a few individuals out there with very little knowledge of even the most basic rules of grammar.
  • Software helps you improve your skills: Some of the Grammar programs available provide explanations for why something is considered an error and offer suggestions for corrections that can be made. If you pay attention rather than just letting the software do its thing, you can improve your own grammar skills. [1]

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There are some drawbacks with grammar checking programs. Here are the main disadvantages of grammar checkers:

  • Grammar checking programs aren’t perfect: No matter how much we want them to be able to provide us with a perfect paper they just can’t. The best software may perform better than some people but a competent live proofreader will generally always do a better job than an automatic grammar checker.grammar software
  • Develop a dependency on the software: This isn’t a problem for everybody, but there are some people who will rely on their software program to do everything. If the grammar program doesn’t point out a problem, then that particular mistake will remain. No further effort will be made. [2].

Although grammar checking software isn’t perfect it is far from useless. The best correction software will catch a big percentage of the grammar mistakes in a document and do so quickly.

Grammar Errors that Software Programs Miss

There are certain types of mistakes in grammar and spelling that software is more prone to miss. These include the following:

  • grammar correction softwareCapitalization: Grammar checkers aren’t 100% accurate on when some words should be capitalized. Proper nouns can be a problem as can capitalizing words that shouldn’t be.
  • Homophones: This is an area that the top programs have really improved in but mistakes are still occasionally overlooked. However they can now catch many of them.
  • Assorted punctuation mistakes: In general these will involve comma placement, the use of semi-colons and other subtle punctuation errors that many humans won’t catch as well unless they have good grammar skills. [3]

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By learning the areas that software is weak in you can use it more effectively. If used correctly by somebody with an understanding of its limitations grammar software can be an excellent tool and decrease the amount of time you spend proofreading significantly.


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