Resume Pitfalls: Avoid Grammar Mistakes in Your Resume

Have You Checked Your Resume For Grammar Mistakes?

As you probably know it is a tough job market out there and the competition for good positions can be fierce. In most cases the resume will be your first introduction to a prospective employer so you want to make the right impression. One way to hurt or completely ruin your chances of landing the position you want is by submitting a resume with grammatical errors. [1]. It is hard enough to find a good job without handicapping yourself.

Most people know that a good resume is one of the keys to landing a job. Yet in an audit of resumes conducted by Grammarly they found that female job seekers make an average of 4 mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation in their resume while male job seekers average more than 6 mistakes. [2]. If a grammar mistake is all that stands between you and a good job it is worth taking the time to improve your grammar and make sure no mistakes exist on the resume you submit.

Common Resume Pitfalls to Watch Out For

There are some types of mistakes that occur more often in resumes than others. The following are a few of the grammatical errors that turn up the most often on resumes:

  • resume builder softwareImproper Apostrophe Use: Apostrophes are usually used to show possession or to form contractions. They are not used for plurals. To make a word plural you add an “s”. To make a word possessive add an apostrophe “s”. If the word is “managers” then it means there is more than 1 manager. If instead it is “manager’s” it indicates it belongs to the manager. To make a plural word possessive add an apostrophe after the “s”. [3]
  • Homophones: Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings. For example, “to,” “two,” and “too” are all homophones because they are used differently in sentences. Using the wrong homophone in your resume won’t impress a potential employer. [4]
  • Wrong Tense: Using tenses incorrectly is a common problem in resumes and one that is easily noticed by the reader. Use the past tense to describe former jobs and present tense for describing your current position. “I supervise 12 technicians” is correct if it is something you do in your current position. If it was something you did in a job that you no longer have then “I supervised 12 technicians” would be correct. Avoid changing tenses in the middle of a sentence. [5]

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It is easy to overlook grammar mistakes and other errors in a resume you have written even if you have proofread it. One solution is to use good resume builder software when you create it.

Selecting the Best Resume Software

resume pitfallsWhen selecting software for writing resumes there are a number of criteria that influence the choice that is made. These include ease of use, writing features and tool, import and export features among other things. [6]. To select the best software for you, consider which criteria are the most important to you. You can then compare the programs you are considering while focusing on the software features you value the highest. Comparing the software for resume writing side by side will make your choice easier. There are a numerous online sites that do product comparisons of the top 5 to 10 resume writing software. Based on the reviews of 10 resume writing programs, the best for avoiding grammatical errors while performing well in other important areas is Live Career.

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Most resume writing software comes with a spellchecker. Of the ten reviewed only three had a resume auditor feature that includes a grammar check. [7]. Choosing resume builder software based solely on the fact it checks for mistakes in grammar is probably not wise. However, considering how poor grammar can hurt your job application, it is a nice feature to have in resume software as long as it performs well in other areas.

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