Top 5 Grammar Correction Software Providers

grammar correctionThere are many instances where grammar is used wrongly when writing. It is therefore wise to use top grammar correction to determine if the written text is ungrammatical and suggestions on the best way of correcting mistakes.


EnglishSoftware.org is writing and proofreading solution that has advanced text correction tools. It provides instant reliable feedback on text together with explanation and suggestion on better wording. It also offers the users alternatives to sentence structure. This is a program that works well for all the text based applications. It integrates into common writing programs like Word, PowerPoint and Outlook launching at button press. It works well with different browsers. The user just needs to press F2 on keyboard.


Grammarly.com has adaptive spell checker that that is extensive enough to identify the words that are correctly spelled but are used in wrong context. Grammarly.com is one of English grammar correction software for picking even words that are usually confused and used in wrong context such as their/there. It also spots the words that have wrong spelling.

Grammarly.com is thorough since it corrects more than 250 types of grammatical mistakes and up to 10 times over what is done by common word processors. It instantly identifies the mistakes commonly missed by writers and highlights them within seconds. Grammarly.com has proven to be through grammar checker as it provides users with context optimized suggestions. It allows users to sign up for free trial and test its ability.


SpellChecker.com has free online tool that enable users to, with a single click check spelling and grammar errors in their text. Users just need to copy paste their text to a provided text box placed at top right side and click on “spell check”. SpellChecker.com underlines spelling errors in color red. It is comprehensive grammar editing software because it has both American and British English grammar and spelling utilities.

The English spell check has more than 10,000 entries therefore users have opportunity to find more errors that they would have found by using some other grammar correction software. SpellChecker.com also has utilities for other twenty four languages therefore is reliable grammar correction software even for non English text.


SpellCheckPlus.com is a free grammar checker and correction software. It has ability to pick even the words that are commonly confused therefore passed over by most grammar checkers. This is an advanced tool that analyzes text critically and provides detailed information about the errors it found in written English. Unlike other spell checkers online, SpellCheckPlus.com can detect problems with similar sounding words like never mind and never mined or there and their. It also identifies errors in punctuation/spacing such as when without is written as with out. SpellCheckPlus.com is easy to access because it is found online.


WhiteSmoke.com is among the top English grammar correction software because it does thorough spell checking and suggests changes in style to make text more precise. It corrects the errors in text while providing users an opportunity to learn rules of grammar behind these corrections. Errors are well broken down to style, grammar and spelling categories for easier understanding. WhiteSmoke.com also has a bar graphic for rating components such as sentence structure and final rates checked text as poor, fair or excellent.

Now you know where to find the best grammar editing software!

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