Best Plagiarism Checkers 2015

best plagiarism checkers 2015Plagiarism is a serious thing hence it is helpful to find and use a genuine checker. The best plagiarism checkers 2015 that offers top of the range detection are:


This is one well known plagiarism checkers as many people request that papers be ran through this plagiarism checker before accepting the work. CopyScape.com is a plagiarism checker dedicated to protect valuable content online by providing powerful plagiarism detection solutions.

It is trusted as one of the best plagiarism checkers 2015 by millions of site owners worldwide for checking originality of new content, search copies of existing online content and prevent duplicate content. CopyScpape is a free plagiarism checker but there are two professional solutions, copyscpape premium and copysentry that prevent content theft and fraud.


PlagiarismHelp.com was created by dedicated professionals who included teachers and students to combat offline and online based plagiarism. It checks various different sources when providing users with plagiarism check to ensure that they get best possible results. PlagiarismHelp.com uses cutting edge technology for checking submitted written work through billions of Internet sources, academic journals, books, magazines and articles. Its results are therefore always reliable and they identify even most subtle attempts to deliberate or unintentional plagiarism. PlagiarismHelp.com also has grammar check for users.


Grammarly.com helps users to detect plagiarism, spelling and grammar errors. Grammarly.com users are confident that it is the best plagiarism checkers 2015 as it flags down papers if there is a word(s) not cited correctly. If there are instances of plagiarism detected in text. Grammarly.com system automatically starts to suggest solutions for fixing this problem.


Turnitin.com is a plagiarism service used primarily by students and professors. It has a proven track record that has made some professors to require students to submit papers through it as part of the grade. It helps students to know whether they have cited their references properly and keeping them from breaking academic rules regarding plagiarism.

Turnitin.com supports 19 languages and integrates over 50 course management systems. Turnitin.com uses 3 databases to match content. Once submitted, a paper is compared to millions of publications/books and more than 45 billion web pages. It is also compared to 337 million student papers. Turnitin.com returns results in seconds showing matches of the paper to the content from its database.


Plagiarism-Detector.com is a great plagiarism detection system for determining whether written work is authentic. It requires users to download the plagiarism checker software to their computers. However, before they pay for plagiarism detector, users are allowed to first download free demo so that they can get some sort of idea about what to expect from it.

It is your turn to choose the best plagiarism checkers 2015 for you!