The Best Spelling Check Software

spelling checkerSpelling check software checks written text for spelling mistakes either online or in word processor. They are updated regularly to recognize the common words, proper nouns, names and abbreviations. You can check the status of your text in terms of spelling using the following the best spelling check software:


Grammarly.com is a leading writing enhancement application that checks more than 250 kinds of spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. It helps users to enhance their written work even in terms of vocabulary because it suggests citations. Grammarly thoroughly checks spelling for creative, academic and professional writing. Its technology enables it to adapt to your writing needs to ensure that grammar faultless for all writing projects. All you have to do is choose the writing genre you want to be edited and Grammarly.com will do it perfectly.


WhiteSmoke.com is a good spelling checker for people who need to check their text fast. You can prevent spelling mistakes and typos by carrying out quick spell check using WhiteSmoke.com before you complete your writing or send an email. It has a dynamic database that allows you to keep up with most recent changes in English language.

WhiteSmoke.com recognizes new words and concepts that are in common use. It also has a spelling enhancing tool. WhiteSmoke.com is an online and desktop software. A user simply needs to press White Smoke key and get all returns to his or her text.


SpellCheckPlus.com is advanced software that analyzes text and provides information about grammar errors in all kinds of writing. It identifies words that are spelt wrongly then displays a list of words so that you can choose the right one in the context.

The structures   that will be verified are flagged in yellow because it considers them to be potential errors.  There are some letter/word which can be accepted in some contexts and ungrammatical in others. SpellCheckPlus.com flags structures that require correction in red color. This shows that these are clear mistakes that require fixing.


GingerSoftware.com is a spelling checker with collection or products to enable computers and other mobile devices understand the anticipated meaning on natural meaning. Ginger Software products are based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform. This is what deciphers contextual and semantic meaning of the text input. It checks all the spell checks by comparing billions of similar sentences on the web.


PaperRater.com was developed and is maintained by language experts and graduates. It is popular among users because it is free. It is also easy to use because users do not have to download any software in order to spell check their text.

You know where to find the most suitable spelling checker for you!