Best English Grammar Check Software

English grammar checkGrammar software is essential but there are many options hence it is hard to tell the best one for your text. You can find out the best by reading reviews. The list of the best English grammar check according to reviews is:


Grammarly.com is fast in scanning text for proper use of over 250 advanced grammar rules ranging from article use, subject-verb agreement to modifier placement. Grammarly can be accessed from anywhere. Its technology adapts to the writing needs therefore improves grammar to impeccable standards for all projects. All that users need to do is to choose the genre of writing that requires to be edited. Grammarly.com correct grammar errors for general, creative, business, academic and casual genres.


GingerSoftware.com is grammar checker that corrects vast range of grammar mistakes. Ginger is an effective English grammar checker because it analyzes context of the sentence when correcting grammar, spelling and misused words mistakes therefore it is very accurate. It is a software that improves the text just like a human reviewer would but at a faster rate. GingerSoftware.com picks all kinds of grammar mistakes ranging from singular versus plural to most sophisticated sentence or tense errors and corrects them with single click.


PaperRater.com analyzes documents in real time. It is a service that you can use 24/7 for in-depth analysis that helps people to improve their grammar and writing standards. Its technology is a combination of Natural language processing, information retrieval, Machine learning, Data Mining and Computational linguistics to produce one of the most powerful automated proofreading tool on the internet.

It is widely used by schools and universities in more than 46 countries therefore can be trusted to help students in improving their writing. It is also useful in detecting plagiarism.


Ghotit.com is an English grammar checker that corrects very bad spelling and grammar. It was developed specially for people who have dyslexia, dysgraphia and any other learning disabilities. It is also used by people using English as second language.

Ghotit’s performs in-depth analysis of written text by suspecting all words as misplaced or wrongly spelt words. It then analyzes and performs English grammar check based on suggested words.

Use English grammar check to become a master!