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The Importance of Grammar to Language Proficiency

grammar technologyGrammar is the structure in language that is necessary to organize and convey your thoughts and ideas to others effectively. Every language has its own grammar. For advanced proficiency in any language good grammar in that particular language is essential. Native speakers of a language may not consciously learn grammar but the knowledge is there even if they don’t realize it.

Most people if asked would only know a fraction of the grammar rules for their native language but they are able to speak and communicate effectively with others in that language. They are following the rules of grammar without even thinking about it thus exhibiting a certain level of proficiency. However their ability to communicate may not be near as good when writing in their language and might need some grammar and punctuation check.

For Higher Language Proficiency Improve Your Grammar

improve your grammarWhen verbally communicating a person’s tone of voice, the inflection they put on certain words, pauses between words and facial expressions are just a few of the things that others use to help correctly interpret what is being said. In written communication those things are no longer available. They are replaced by the rules of grammar. To communicate effectively when writing you must be able to make conscious use of the rules of grammar if you want to make your meaning clear. For non-native speakers of a language who don’t have the unconscious grammar skills developed over a lifetime, it will usually be necessary to consciously work on their grammar skills to achieve a higher level of proficiency in the second language. One way to improve grammar is by using education software.

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Use Grammar Technology to Improve Your Skills

People tend to learn things in different ways. A learning approach that works for some may not be as effective with others. Fortunately this is recognized now and instruction can be adapted to fit the learning method that works best for an individual rather than forcing everybody to use the same method. Here are four different approaches to learning grammar using software:

  1. education softwareIntuitive Learning: This approach to learning grammar actually stresses vocabulary acquisition. By increasing your vocabulary and repetition of the new words acquired it is believed the rules governing grammar will be learned intuitively without specifically focusing on them. Rosetta Stone uses this approach for English and a number of other languages as well.
  2. Explicit Instruction: With this method for learning grammar, there are clearly outlined learning goals for the student with educational references that provide clear-cut explanations of the specific skills and information presented. English Grammar I from Core Learning is an example of software that uses this approach.
  3. Active Skills Practice: To increase grammar skill, practice using various games and activities is an approach that often works as students find it fun and entertaining. English-online and Grammaropolis are two examples of software that uses this approach.
  4. Blended Learning: Blended Learning: As the name implies this is a method that involves blending learning methods of different types. One of the main focuses is on educational interaction with other students. This is an approach taken by Edmodo.

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With the wider acceptance of a variety of approaches to learning and the use of technology it has become easier to improve your grammar skill practice and actually enjoy the process.