How to Choose the Best English Grammar Software

English grammar softwareEnglish is one of the most dominant languages in the world. In an effort to communicate in English, many users misunderstand and misuse it. English grammar software is therefore an essential tool for enhancing grammar usage. It helps to correct common mistakes in grammar, syntax and spelling. It also makes suggestions on the right way to improve English writing. English grammar software can be used for professional and casual writing.

Regular use of the software greatly reduces chances of making embarrassing mistakes. There is different English software. The following qualities will guide you to choose the best English grammar software.

Simple to Use

The practical English grammar software for daily use provides quick check option. It gives users option to integrate edits with just a simple click. The criteria for judging the simplicity or difficulty of use for grammar software includes functionality, tools offered, inputting the writing sample and how mistakes are displayed. It also includes ease of correction for displayed mistakes and learning how to use grammar checker.


Accuracy of utmost importance in writing therefore it is important consideration for anyone who performs English grammar software free download. The best English grammar software should accurately pinpoint incorrect use of adjectives and improper use of subject/verb agreement and improper usage of articles. They should also have accurate spell checker in order to catch capitalization and punctuation.

Editing Tools

Good English grammar software is designed to perform basic grammar check that considers components such as proper use of adverbs, adjectives, matching of verb tenses in the compound clauses and subject-verb agreement. English grammar software should also recognize whether the sentence structure is correct.

It should flag improper use of possessive form of pronouns and nouns together with sentence fragments. They should also have up-to-date spell checkers with capacity to recognize common names, proper nouns and abbreviations.

Reference Tools

In addition to having spell check software, excellent English grammar software with the best packages should include built-on dictionary and also thesaurus. Some even include templates for the common documents like those that you prepare for class or workplace. Since there are many individuals who rely on English grammar software to write English as second language, a good text translator is useful if its part of software package.

Style Checker

Good English grammar software should have built-in style checkers since different kinds of documents require different styles. For example MLA style is used for academic work, “Chicago Manual of Style” for business writing and AP style for reporting and most types of online content. However, all computer software even the most sophisticated cannot fully keep pace with all changes. It is therefore recommendable to use online reference databases and reference books as they have useful guidelines on how to use specific styles.

Editing and Feedback

Best Free English grammar software should not only highlight the errors and offer solutions on ways to fix them but also show the reasons why they occurred. Giving justification to the suggested corrections, English grammar software help writers to learn from their mistakes and avoid them in future writing.

Use free English grammar software to make your texts perfect!

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