Best Spelling Checker Online

spelling checker onlineSpelling checkers help users to check text for improper spelling. They check written work either in word processor or online. Spelling checkers are updated regularly so that they can recognize the words, names, proper nouns and abbreviations in common use. Reviews show that writers can   work on spelling errors using the following spelling checker online:


Grammarly.com is a dependable spelling checker due to its capacity of checking up to 250 grammar errors. You can use it to spell check academic, creative and professional writings which all need high level of editing. The technology behind Grammarly.com allows it to adapt to writing needs and ensure that grammar and spelling is top notch. It is easy to use Grammarly.com as you just choose the writing genre that you need to edit and it will rectify the spelling mistakes. Grammarly.com also enhances the use of vocabulary and suggests citations.


PaperRater.com is free software to check spelling online. It was developed and maintained by language experts and graduates.  The advantage of PaperRater.com to writers is that they can use it for spell checking their work without downloading it to their computers.


SpellCheckPlus.com is a state of art software for analyzing text and providing information about grammatical errors in different kinds of writing. It picks words that are wrongly spelt and displays a list of words for users to choose the appropriate one in the context.

SpellCheckPlus.com flags structures considered to be potential errors and require to be verified in yellow. Some letter and word sequences may be grammatical in some contexts and unacceptable in others. SpellCheckPlus.com will flag structures that will require correction in red showing they are clear mistakes that need to be fixed.


WhiteSmoke.com is a great spelling checker online for fast checking of text. It has a dynamic database that allows users to keep up with changes in English grammar. It recognizes new words and concepts finding their way into common use. When you press White Smoke key, you will get all returns to text. WhiteSmoke.com can also be used to quickly scan emails before sending so as to eliminate typos. You can use it as desktop or online software.


GingerSoftware.com has a collection of products that enable mobile devices and computers to understand the intended meaning in natural language input. The products are based on Natural Language Processing platform (NLP) that deciphers contextual and semantic meaning of the text input. It carries out a comparison with billions of other similar sentences on the web therefore checks all the spell checks.

It is easy to check spelling online efficiently!