Best Free Grammar Check Software

best free grammar check softwareGrammar checkers will help you to check if your text has grammatical errors in spelling, word usage, punctuation, capitalization and anything else. There are even some free grammar checkers. Reviews identify the best free grammar check software to be:


Grammarly.com is an automated proofreader that corrects mistakes up to 10 times more than other popular word processors. It identifies mistakes fast   and will highlight the errors that users missed in their text within 60 seconds. Grammarly.com will provide you with context-optimized vocabulary suggestions. It has an adaptive spell checker that identifies words that are spelled correctly but used in wrong context.

This is why it can spot erroneous use of words like lose/loose, there/their /they’re and other commonly confused words. Grammarly.com has more features than other online tools and can correct more than 250 types of grammar mistakes. To use Grammarly.com as a free grammar checker, you have to sign up for free trial. Although it is not free like other spell checkers save for free trial, it is useful for text requiring thorough checks.


SpellChecker.net has free online tools for instant checking of spelling and grammar in written text with just one click. All you need to do is copy and paste text to a text box at top right side then click spell check. It underlines spelling errors in red color. Spelling check and the grammar utilities are available in British English, American English and 24 other languages. The English spell check database has more than 10,000 entries therefore users have opportunity to even find more misused words, syntax and punctuation errors.


WebSpellChecker.net has SCAYT (spell Check as You Type) product that allows users to see and correct spelling mistakes. It underlines the misspelled words. You can get a selection of suggestions to replace the misspelled words after right-clicking a marked word. WebSpellChecker.com operates in separate browser window therefore does not obstruct other work. Corrected text returns to the form automatically.


SpellCheckPlus.com is a free online tool for checking spelling and grammar errors. It is available online hence accessible from any computer. It is also easy to use. You just copy and paste text at the bottom right side of textbox then click on check. SpellCheckPlus.com catches even the commonly confused words ignored by other spellcheckers such with out and without.


GrammarCheck.me is free grammar check software that uses advanced web-based grammar check engine to power online spelling and grammar software. It provides advanced grammar and spell check functionality and other useful resources to enable users master the English language. GrammarCheck.me applies natural language processing technology and artificial intelligence for error identification and suggestions on how to correct them.

Free grammar check software is now available for you!