Best Spelling Check Software

Are you wondering how the best spelling check software tools come about? If so, you have arrived at the right post to tell you a bit of its background. Are you ready? Come on in and read how the spelling and grammar checkers started.

History of Tools That Check Spelling

According to credible online sources, the research for grammar corrector online has started in 1957, along with research and studies on spelling checkers for bitmap images included in special applications and cursive writing. The said methods were used to find data or records stored in databases even if those were incorrectly entered.

In 1961, someone in the name of Les Earnest headed the research for tools to “check my spelling.’ He saw the need for including the first spelling checker that could access a list of 10,000 words.

Later, a graduate student under Earnest, Ralph Gorin, made the first real spelling check program, functioning as an application program and not research for general English words. On February 1971, he wrote SPELL (in assembly language), resulting in faster action and then he created the first spelling checker through looking up a word list for correct spellings, which differed by only one letter or adjacent transpositions of letters, and then presenting those to the user.

Then, he made SPELL accessible for public use, just what was done with almost all of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory application programs. Later on, the use of SPELL spread throughout the globe using the new ARPA Net, just about a decade before the famous ‘personal computers’ are made accessible for general use.

The spelling check and grammar check software inspired the innovation of spelling checkers, and one of which was the UNIX iSpell Program, which algorithms and data structures were inspired by SPELL.

Tools to Check Spelling Evolve!

Since the first tools for checking spelling, other applications followed. Now, users have the chance from choosing a wide range of checkers available for use. Most of these tools are not only made publicly available, but they area also offered free.

If you want to experience the convenience of using such great automatic spelling check software, check out one today!