Best Software to Check My Spelling

check my spelling onlineWriters make spelling mistakes when typing or when they do not know how to correctly spell a word. They can however identify them easily and correct mistakes using one of these the best grammar checker software:


Grammarly.com helps users to identify spelling mistakes and make accurate corrections. It has an adaptive spell checker that identifies misspelled words or those used in wrong context. Apart from identifying spelling mistakes, Grammarly.com identifies over 250 other types of grammar mistakes. You can use to it to pick erroneously used words like affect/effect, lose/loose or their/they’re. Grammarly.com has more features that other grammar checkers therefore has higher ability to identify more errors. You may begin by signing up for free trial.


WebSpellChecker.net is a free check my spelling online software that uses spell Check As You Type(SCAYT) product for helping users to notice and correct the spelling mistakes in their writing. It identifies and underlines misspelled words then offers users various suggestions to replace these words after a user right-clicks a marked word. WebSpellChecker.com does not obstruct other work because it operates in separate browser window. Corrected text automatically returns to form.


SpellChecker.net instantly checks spelling in written text after you just click once. You need to copy and paste text to a text box on the top right side then click spell check. All spelling errors picked by SpellChecker.net are underlined in red. It has grammar and spelling check utilities in British English, American English and 24 other languages. The English spell check database has more 10,000 entries so it provides users with a chance to find more words that are used in wrong context and spelled wrongly.


GingerSoftware.com has a collection of products to help customers and mobile devices understand the intended meaning on natural language input. These products decipher contextual and semantic meaning of text input as they are based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform. It checks all the spell checks by comparing billions of similar sentences found on the web. NLP deciphers semantic and contextual meaning of text input as it compares it to billions of similar web based sentences using patent-pending technology.


SpellCheckPlus.com is a free tool for checking whether text has spelling and grammar errors. It is easy to use check my spelling software just needs users to copy and paste text at bottom right hand side of textbox the clock on “check”. SpellCheck.com picks even words with almost similar spelling like without and with out that are usually confused and ignored by most spell checkers.

Now you can easily check your spelling online!