Best Online Garmmar Checkers

best online grammar checkersEveryone has his English flaws, but who doesn’t? In this case, grammar checkers come to the rescue allowing us to have the best, error-free papers for school, work or website. If you were considering the use of the top grammar checkers, don’t go any further. Check out our top list of the best online grammar checkers here.

best online grammar checkers

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Pro Writing Aid

It works excellently in checking grammar mistakes, as it can also locate not-so common errors and function both as a Word add-in and a website. What to do is just to paste your text onto the platform and then check grammar in an instant, or you can download it as an add-in to your Word processor from which it can check directly and suggest improvements. Remember that its website does not retain your text, but it has remote processing that may take several seconds before the results could come back.


Probably one of the most popular grammar checkers online, it works by sending your texts into its platform to check, but not to retain them. Alternatively, you can download it for use inside the MS Word’s task pane, wherein you can select the option of automatically checking your text while typing. Green squiggles indicate errors while suggestions are obtained through right clicking in the context menu. Something unique about Grammarly is that it checks for plagiarism, too.

Style Writer

This site uses an old fashioned way of checking and that it requires you to download it for installation on your PC. It adds a toolbar on your Word Processor, which also launches this application upon you opening it.

After the Deadline

You’ll write better with it, claims its website! This works as a fully developed proofreading tool for checking misused words, spelling, grammar and style. It is used by many students and professionals for its easy to use interface. In addition, it gives Word Press users an option of activating the plug in for their site, allows Firefox users to use it as an add-on and lets Google users use it as an extension. In short, After the Deadline works pretty much anywhere!

Spell Checker

Another intelligent proofreading tool, it is used by bloggers, writers, students, business owners and professionals due to its convenience and efficiency. You can use it by just copying and pasting the text into an online tool letting you spot grammar and spelling errors. As a bonus, Spell Checker has its online thesaurus, too.

Virtual Writing Tutor

Very useful among ESL learners, this is one of the best online grammar checkers to help you locate and determine the nature of the mistake you commit. Then, it will correct the errors, and after which, it will provide you with links to remedial activities allowing you to get rid of that particular mistake for life. As an ESL learner, this tool would be valuable for you, as it acts like your free English tutor for detecting and correcting, and then teaching you ways on how to solve this type of problem to avoid next time.

To learn English shouldn’t be hard with constant practice and with aid from these best grammar checkers. Eventually, as you go along and find out your weaknesses, you will not need them anymore, as you’re eliminating common and non-common English mistakes in your writing.

Become a master in the future with the best online grammar checkers!