Best Grammar Checking Software

best grammar checking softwareGrammar checking software is a software program or part of it that attempts to verify whether written text has is grammatically correct.  A good example of a program with grammar checker is Microsoft Word. It underlines a wavy green line on words with grammar error. There are many grammar checker options therefore you should take time and find the best grammar checking software. The top grammar checking software programs are:


GingerSoftware.com is legit and safe free grammar check software. It is available in mobile and desktop version. It works well on all major browsers and is one of the widely used by both businesses and individuals. You can even start off by testing GingerSoftware.com right on its website by typing text and let it to do the correction instantly. Corrections on grammar are made by native English speakers hence there is guarantee that they will be accurate.


Grammarly.com is probably the most widely used grammar checker. Its users range from students, teachers and any other person. It has ability to check for over 250 grammar points. This is grammar software that improves any text that goes through its system. Its other strong point is ability to detect citations and plagiarism.Grammarly.com has an adaptive built in spell checker and can find errors that cannot be detected by word brand.   Users can try it out free in the browser located on homepage of their site.


Reverso.com is one of the best grammar checking software on the web as it is a one stop shop for all writing needs. It not only has ability to check text for grammar errors but also offers, dictionary, spelling and translation services.

It can translate written work to different languages such as German, French or Italian.  The use of dictionary is free. Reverso.com services can be used by individuals and businesses.   Reviews show that past users has positive comments about Reverso.com therefore it is not a scam.


WhiteSmoke.com is a reliable grammar checking software that has been operational since 2002. The software helps users to make their texts 100% error free and professional.  Apart from checking text for grammar mistakes it offers full translation services. WhiteSmoke.com also allows users to access a multilingual dictionary.


This is a grammar checking software that is easily accessible as it does not require users to register or login to use the grammar checker. It is considered to be among the best as it does not require users to download the software.Paperrater.com has high quality grammar checking software that includes a spelling check.  There is no risk of getting scammed as this is free service.

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