Best Grammar Checkers 2015

Best grammar checkers 2015The web has made it easier to find grammar checkers that help to identify mistakes in written work. The Best grammar checkers 2015 are:


Grammarly.com is a reliable and accurate grammar checker. It scans written text for proper use of over 250 advanced grammar rules. This includes subject-verb agreement, modifier placement and use of articles. Grammarly.com is regarded to be one of the best grammar checkers 2015 because it even has contextual spellchecker that picks correctly spelt words but are used in wrong context. It spots erroneous use of words that are common confused such as lose and loose.


GingerSoftware.com is free grammar check software that helps to improve writing skills by checking for all grammar mistakes and making necessary corrections. GingerSoftware.com checks for various mistakes including pronoun, verb and adjective errors. It checks for errors based on context of complete sentences. Using patent pending technology, it corrects misused words, spelling and general grammar mistakes with accuracy. GingerSoftware.com works like a human reviewer therefore is very effective in improving text.


Grammar.net is another free grammar checker that is among the best grammar checkers 2015. It has an easy process of checking text for grammar mistakes and making the necessary corrections because it does not require users to download it. It can be uses directly in the browser. To use Grammar.net, one just needs to highlight the text that needs to be checked then press CTRL+G. The other option is use Grammar.net Rich Text to check text with rich mark up by copy pasting it for checking.


WhiteSmoke.com is an online writing system that includes grammar correction feature as part of the software. It can check grammar together with spelling and other important things like style and punctuation that help people to advance writing skills. This grammar checker requires users to download the writing system to their computer. WhiteSmoke.com calls out the potential errors for users’ consideration. It also offers suggestion on how they can be improved.


ProofreadBot.com is a free grammar checker. It allows users to proofread papers with up to 600 words free per day. Those who need to check more words have the option of buying more credits. It is however ensures that customers get what they require to make their papers grammatically correct. ProofreadBot.com is among the best grammar checkers 2015 because it is fairly simple to us. It works on various browsers.


Ghotit.com is one of the top grammar checkers as it is effective and it allows users to download the grammar checker. It has advanced reading and writing technologies for helping people who have dyslexia and dysgraphia.


EnglishSoftware.com is a proofreading and writing solution with advanced text correction tools. It provides instant quality feedback on text along with explanation and suggestions on better wording. It also offers sentence structure alternatives. This is program that works for all text based applications. It integrates into the common writing programs such as Word, Outlook and PowerPoint launching at button press. It works in various web browsers when a user presses F2 on the keyboard.

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