List of the Best English Grammar Checker Software

English grammar checker softwareMost times, people are in hurry to complete whatever they are writing. This urgency is what causes them to make grammatical mistakes. English grammar checker software are efficient in ‘catching’ mistakes therefore it is wise to use them especially for the long documents. Reviews show a list of best grammar checker software to be:


Grammarly.com has a high number of features compared to many grammar checkers. It corrects more than 250 types of mistakes. Its ability to correct mistakes is 10 times more than what the other word processors are able to manage. Grammarly.com identifies mistakes that are made and missed by writers then highlights them within just 60 seconds. It provides writers with relevant context-optimized suggestions. This is an aspect that makes Grammarly.com to be a useful tool in improving writing skills if it is used severally. It offers 7 day free trial to users.


WhiteSmoke.com detects and corrects style, punctuation and spelling errors in text using rule based algorithms and statistical text. This grammar checker uses computer algorithms for identifying errors and matching text with other samples to provide correction options. WhiteSmoke.com style checking system is particularly helpful for people learning English as their second language or those translating documents from another language to English. It works perfectly with all browsers and text editing programs.


SpellChecker.com is one of the best English grammar checking software since it offers users a guarantee for comprehensive check. It has spelling and grammar utilities for both British and American English. SpellChecker.com also has comprehensive utilities for other 20 languages. The English spell check has more than 10,000 entries therefore users have an opportunity find a high number of misused words, syntax, and punctuation errors.

SpellChecker.com free online tools help its users to check spelling and grammar errors in text instantly with just a single click. Users check text by copy pasting their written work to provided text box then click on “spell check”. The spelling errors are then underlined in red color.


GingerSoftware.com is a free grammar checker. It proofreads texts to determine if the text has well structured grammar and whether there is any improper spelling. It also provides users with option to explore alternative phrasings that could have been intended since it has sentence re-phrase help. They get suggestions about various synonyms and additional vocabulary for lending more meaning.

GingerSoftware.com is free versatile grammar checker that works in both desktop and mobile version. It works perfectly with MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Chrome, Firefox and IE. Cross-platform users are able to make corrections on the text with a click.


SpellCheckPlus.com is free grammar checker found online thus it is easy to use from any computer. It is among the best English grammar check software because of its ability in spotting even the most confused words which are not identified by other grammar checkers. It takes into account all errors caused by capitalization, punctuation and space even as it offers overall efficient grammar check. The free access makes it a great tool for students and web masters to identify and remove embarrassing mistakes.

English grammar check software will save lots of your time!

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