Best Grammar Checker Online

grammar check onlineMost of the time, there is a need to write in a hurry. This urgency makes them to make mistakes. It is wise to use grammar checkers as they are efficient in identifying mistakes especially for long documents. Reviews list the best grammar checker online to be:


This is a very popular grammar checker online because it corrects up to 250 points of grammar. It integrates well with Microsoft office including MS Word and outlook. Grammarly.com like a tutor identifies most common mistakes made by a user. It also helps users to avoid them. This aspect is what makes Grammarly a tool for improving writing skills if used severally. It proofreads text and pinpoints areas that require improvement instantly which is an advantage because it does not affect deadlines. When using it, you can start off with 7 day free trial. Later on, you can pay a monthly, quarterly or an annual fee.


SpellCheckPlus.com analyzes text and provides users with useful information concerning grammar errors. It can detect many grammatical errors which makes it one of the best. You can submit up to 500 words when using free version of this grammar check online. SpellCheckPlus.com super cedes most spell checkers because it can detect problems with words that sound similar and are often confused. It also identifies words that are used incorrectly, punctuation, capitalization and spacing errors.


PaperRater.com is a grammar checker for performing automated proofreading. This free software also doubles as a plagiarism checker. In addition to checking grammatical errors, PaperRater.com has a vocabulary builder that teaches students how they can use sophisticated words. Users learn to use words in their real context as PaperRater.com integrates example sentences.


GingerSoftware.com is a free grammar checker online that functions in desktop and mobile version. It operates by proofreading text to determine whether there is improper spelling. It also determined if the grammar in text is well structured. GingerSoftware.com is versatile because it can work perfectly with MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, IE, Chrome and Firefox. Cross-platform users can make corrections on text with a click.

You can explore alternative phrasings that may have been intended in text because GingerSoftware.com has sentence re-phrase help. It will suggest various synonyms and add vocabulary to lend more meaning.


WhiteSmoke.com detects and corrects punctuation, style and spelling errors in text by using rule statistical and rule based algorithms. The style checker uses computer algorithms to identify errors and match text with other writing samples to give correction options. Style checking system is particularly helpful to people translating document to English from another language or those learning English as second language. WhiteSmoke.com works perfectly with all text editing programs and browsers.

Now you need to choose grammar checker online you like the most!