The Best Spell Check Software

spelling check softwareThere are many grammar mistakes that occur when writing. You can easily identify these mistakes by using one of these best spell check software:


Grammarly.com is one of the most popular spell check software. It checks hundreds of grammar and spelling errors. After identifying the errors, it provides the user with helpful and conclusive explanation on how you can correct the mistakes.

Grammarly algorithms flag potential problems in the text and in relation to the context. Suggested corrections will help you to make an informed decision on the right way to correct the mistakes. The advantage of Grammarly is that you can find it on all browsers. You do not need to download it.


This is versatile spelling check software that you use anywhere as long as there is a text area. It is efficient for identifying all sorts of grammar mistakes including spelling. WhiteSmoke.com uses writer algorithmic approach that detects whether all words even the correctly spelt such as weather and whether is used in right context.

This approach makes it almost foolproof. WhiteSmoke.com will enhance your spelling within seconds once you press a key. You will get a return to all suggestions for your text. You can use White Smoke in MS Word, MySpace, webmail and Facebook.


SpellCheckPlus.com is a free grammar and spelling check software effectively identifies thousands of words confused when writing and are mostly overlooked by other spell checkers. You can access SpellCheckPlus.com from any type of computer as it is found online and updates itself automatically.

This is an easy to use spell checker because it will not overwhelm a user with messages for sentences that are perfectly correct. SpellCheckPlus.com is a haven for people learning English as their second language because it targets the mistakes they are likely to make. It encourages users to learn as it takes a pedagogical approach.


PaperRater.com is one of leading spell check software in the market. It is popular because it is highly reliable yet it is free. You can access it effortlessly since you are not required to download the software. PaperRater.com unique feature is a vocabulary builder that you can use to check any type of writing and get an accurate report.


GingerSoftware.com is free spelling check software. Apart from identifying spelling mistakes, it identifies misused words and grammatical errors in the context of a sentence. When Ginger Software checks grammar usage, it extends it to the words that are correctly spelt to establish if they make sense in a sentence then offers alternatives for any misplaced words. Native and English Second Language speakers can use this grammer software.

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