How to Use Spell and Grammar Check Software More Efficiently

Spell and grammar check software is a flexible and powerful tool that will help you to reduce grammatical errors and typos. Keep in mind that the grammar corrector software will not catch everything that is why you need to read it gain the time it was done checking your paper.

Using Spell and Grammar Check Software

  • Change or ignore them all: Spell check will stop for every misspelled word that is why to prevent it from repeatedly stopping, it is better when you choose ignore all or to click change all in order for misspelled words to be corrected in one click.
  • Add words to custom dictionary: Spell and grammar check rely on dictionary; however, it is not inclusive. If you have a large custom dictionary, it can help you in finding and learning of more words.
  • Copy and paste: The fact is that there are three ways where you can check your grammar and spelling more efficiently. You can decide to copy and paste the text, upload it or type it in the designated box. Whatever you choose, the software will check your paper instantly.
  • Disable grammar check: Spell check can able to spot grammatical mistakes. However, you can also disable the feature to save time when your grammar is not an issue.
  • Skip text with the use of style: checking jargon and technical terms will slow you down. You can decide to add some terms in your custom dictionary but it is not always practical. It is better to skip the text because it makes more sense.
  • Skip text with the use of language setting: You can skip your text without relying on style. You can use the language option wherein you select the text you want to be skipped and click review tab. Click the language in language group and select set language. Click the do not check spelling and grammar option, click ok.

There are many things you should know about the best grammar software and when you follow the guide above, you can do no wrong.

Start using proper grammar check to know what help it can give to you.