Best Plagiarism Check Software

plagiarism checkerPlagiarism is a serious for everyone who writes anything. Students use it more than others but a plagiarism check is good for every person. It helps to use plagiarism check software but you must ensure that it performs optimally. Reviews show that the best plagiarism checkers are:


Grammarly.com checks text for plagiarism, spelling and grammar issues. When its system detects any instances of plagiarism, it automatically suggests solutions for the user to fix this problem. Reviews show that Grammarly is very popular because it is not a scam. Users who take advantage its plagiarism detection and fixing solutions have guarantee that their papers will not be flagged for failure to cite something correctly.


CheckForPlagiarism.net has operated since 2004 therefore is a reliable plagiarism checker for it to operate this long. It was formed by teachers and students dedicated to have plagiarism free work. CheckForPlagiarism.net is based in United States and always keeps the system equipped with modern and progressive technologies. CheckForPlagiarism.net features enables you to perform these functions:

  • Manual and automated in-depth plagiarism check
  • Database check
  • Internet checking
  • Synonyms and sentence structure checking
  • Publication checking.

CheckForPlagiarism.net uses patented plagiarism detection technology for basic and advanced checking. It also offers paper correction service.


CopyScape.com is a free plagiarism checker service that checks copies of web pages online and two powerful professional solutions to prevent content theft and fraud. CopyScape premium provides a more powerful detection then free service and several other features. These include copy-paste originality checks, private index, batch search and case tracking. CopyScape protects a website by scanning the web daily or weekly then emails you if it finds new copies of your content. CopyScape has a free tool to compare two articles or web pages and provide comprehensive guide on dealing with plagiarism.


Plagiarism-Detector.com is a plagiarism detection system for determining if written work is authentic or not. The difference with many other plagiarism check software is that you cannot use it to perform a plagiarism check online. You have to download the plagiarism checker software. However, you are allowed to download a free demo so as to test how the plagiarism detector works.


Turnitin.com is mostly used by students and professors to test academic papers for plagiarism. Turnitin.com checks originality by comparing submitted text to vast database of more than 45 billion pages of digital content. This includes archived Internet content which is no longer available, more than 337 million submissions in student archive, over 130,000 journals and publications. Turnitin.com is updated regularly with new content obtained through new partnerships.

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